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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blog Business

Imagine you have a multinational. The substantial majority of their employees needs or will in the near future need to have a good command of English to be able communicate across the company. The training scheme have been up and running for a few years and is very well designed as far as the incentives are concerned and fits well into the overall HR development programme. However, it's coordinated on the national level at best and there's no link whatsoever among regions. So in effect there are 1to1 learners in one country completely isolated from 1to1 learners in other countries. The scope of this may be thousands of people on the global level.

Now, isn't this a huge potential for putting the idea of connectivism in practice?

Inspired by all the blogging going on around I thought we may look at it with my BE students as well. It clearly is a good idea, but blogging taken from a university environment straight into business comes up against some obstacles. First, not all businesses are terribly happy to see their employees blogging in their free time because sooner or later they start bitching about the company. Second, if it's an approved scheme it requires lots of legal stuff to be sorted out. Lot's of extra work!

Now, how do we get round this problem? How do we connect and streamline the network?


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